About us


We are a marketing company that generates innovative chemical solutions at the forefront of the market, with processes of differential value to our clients, promoting joint growth through personalized service with excellence.


In 2025, to be one of the most recognized national companies in sustainable chemical solutions for different markets through the innovation of our products and services.



Assume the consequence of our words, actions, decisions, and commitments with internal and external customers and execute it effectively and efficiently.


Ability to take the initiative, manage, convene, listen, promote, encourage, motivate and evaluate a group or team.


It is the process of developing something new that is known from the systematic study of a need, whether personal, group, or organizational, to achieve a goal.


It is to generate results and benefits for our clients. Assume the permanent challenge of meeting the requirements quickly, effectively, and efficiently.



The Prochem Group is a strategic alliance that emerged in 2010 as a competitive advantage to expand in the international market, uniting five countries: Chile, the United States, Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia.



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Quimica Lider was born in Bogotá from the need to market chemical inputs in the country's capital.
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We position ourselves in the market focused on two lines: cosmetics and home care.
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He begins to work with AJINOMOTO as the first representative. We are linked to ACCYTEC (Colombian Association of Cosmetic Science and Technology).
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A new representation is introduced to our portfolio, RUICOLOR, a model focused on hair color. ISO 9001 Certification is obtained.
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The PROCHEM GROUP was born, a commercial alliance in which seven subsidiaries are integrated throughout five countries.
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AS REPRESENTED, DAITO KASEI joins a leading international company in the cosmetic market.
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RESPHARMA joins, increasingly expanding its line of products, cleaning and makeup, and personal care. (change of venue)
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ISALTIS arrives at a representation that brings a portfolio of nutraceutical ingredients and mineral salts to develop the concept of nutricosmetics in the market.
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Looking for the best alliances and market trends, Naolys arrives focused on cultivating specialized plant cells for the cosmetic industry, Kao and Nagase.
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ISO 9001, 2015 version recertification, and we add a commitment to the environment with the Icontec carbon footprint certification.
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We are updating our portfolio according to the needs of our clients, integrating Gobiotics and Micro powder representations.

Based on the competitiveness of human talent, technological, productive, and commercial developments, today we are part of the GRUPO PROCHEM, made up of seven allied companies distributed in 5 countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and the United States.


Corporate Social


At Química Lider, we are committed to improving working, social, and environmental conditions because our commitment is to promote values ​​of care and responsibility, giving our generations a better world.

As a conscious and voluntary contribution, we have supported several foundations and contributed to the care of the environment.



At QUIMICA LIDER S.A.S, we are a team that markets chemical solutions through innovative raw materials, guaranteeing excellent technical service to the different market segments, with qualified suppliers and competent human resources.

We are committed to meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders, the protection and promotion of the health of our employees through the identification, evaluation, and control of risks in our processes. We seek to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases.

We have an environmental commitment to identify, evaluate, and control environmental impacts. We are generated by our products and services, establishing objectives and activities that contribute to the conservation of the environment, focusing on sustainable development, thorough compliance with the applicable legal requirements, and continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System.